"Rewa" (Rattle records, 2018)


Tania Giannouli (piano, prepared piano)

Rob Thorne (ngā taonga pūoro)

Steve Garden (treatments)

trans site "Transcendence" (Rattle records, 2015)


Tania Giannouli Ensemble

Tania Giannouli: piano / composition

Guido De Flaviis: saxophones

Alexandros Botinis: cello

Solis Barki: percussion / idiophones

Giannis Notaras (guest): drums

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forest stories.soundcloud

"Forest Stories" (Rattle records, 2012)


piano: Tania Giannouli
winds: Paulo Chagas


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"One year of Ilse" (Ilse, 2012)

various artists

Participation in this compilation with "Memories of a Superstitious Bunch of Screws" together with Paulo Chagas, Joao Pedro Viegas & Quincas Moreira

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"Soundtracks vol.4" (Ilse, 2012)

varius artists

Participation in this compilation with "Crush" together with Paulo Chagas and Wilhelm Matthies


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"Feeling of movement" (Creative Space, 2012)

 piano: Tania Giannouli

 cello: Nikos Veliotis

 guitar: Vassilis Tzavaras, Babis Papadopoulos

 drums: Sotiris Ntouvas, Gianis Notaras

 clarinet: Floros Floridis, Stamatis Dellaportas
 electric bass: George Palamiotis
 bass clarinet: Floros Floridis
 double bass: Spilios Kastanis

 electronics: Spyros Polychronopoulos (Spyweirdos)

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"16 Days" (Chris Soumka, Archangel, 2010)


Participation as a soloist together with the Sofia Symphonic Orchestra.


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"Live at Sfendoni" (Triple Bath, 2010)

4+1' s first CD, improvisation. Recorded live at Sfendoni Theatre, Athens

Tania Giannouli: piano

Nikos Nikolopoulos: flute & synthesizer

Stamatis Dellaportas: clarinet & shakuhachi

Vassilis Tzavaras: guitars

Orestis Zafeiropoulos: cello

Giannis Notaras: drums & percussion


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