Greek pianist, composer, improviser and bandleader. Classically trained (Piano Soloist and Composition diplomas) she explores jazz as the most creative music form and regularly employs improvisation in her practice. She makes jazz of the kind where improvisation is just the starting point and somewhere out there - or something deep inside - is the aim. Ιnspired by many different traditions and influences, her music and interdisciplinary projects span an impressive range of styles - a creative and borderless amalgamation of the global today’s reality.

Establishing her very own voice, embracing and transcending occidental and oriental spheres on her soulful path of creation and dedication to the essentials of moving sound. Her genre-defying "open sound language" is often described as lyrical, inspired, complex, eclectic, intoxicating and highly original. As the Korean magazine Jazzspace has written: “This music invites the listener to dream of eternity.”

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