Instrumental, electroacoustic, music for solo instruments, ensembles, orchestra.

"Cycle" for strings, harp, clarinet and piano: Premiered by Camerata / Armonia Atenea in Athens




"Rosas Amat quartet": Premiered by Galaxy String Quartet in Athens.





"Dive mode": Premiered in ElectroMedia Works Festival '08 (Athens). Collaboration with Studio 19 and Vasilis Kountouris who created the video.


"Night Flight": Premiered in the 4th annual workshop for young composers, organized by the Music Studies Department of Aristotle University of Thesaloniki and Thesaloniki Concert Hall (Megaron) .Performed by Dissonart Ensemble under Vladimiros Symeonidis






"Autumn´s Journey"


"Behind this door": Premiered by the Athens Youth Orchestra, under Pavlos Sergiou.

Tania Giannouli - ©2013